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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fangirling: Mason Jars Edition.

For Easter I bought a bunch of mason jars to use as both wine glasses (smaller, not pictured) and these bad boys to use as water glasses. The effect was perfect and was exactly what I wanted. Mason jars are all the rage these days, from anything to glassware to vases to planters to makeup brush holders to condom containers and so on and so forth. But me, I'm loving them as glassware. The first time I had club soda with lime in one, with a jaunty little straw, I literally said to Todd "Would you look at how CUTE that is?!" and then the six foot seven kung fu instructor said "That IS cute!" and proceeded to use one for a bourbon and coke.

Alex enjoys using them, and now I'm going to get to the main reason, beyond cuteness and quaintness and all that rot: they're virtually indestructible. Alexandra was drinking water out of one while standing around in the living room and it slipped from her grasp, as Todd reported. It went CLANG-BANG-A-BANG-CLINK-DINK on the concrete floor, all the while Todd assuming the worst, watching with terror and curiosity. But, miraculously that damn thing did not break. It didn't even chip! So that's why these mason jars have ousted the majority of my old glassware set, which is now stored high up and out of sight.

Thanks Kerr! Your jars kick ass.

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