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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maddest of Them All?

Here's a picture I found on my phone, the only one I took while we weekended up on Mt. Lemmon in the super awesome Rooster cabin.

First, notice Todd's holiday beard came back this year! Although it's already gone again. Secondly... well, notice that neither of them look very happy. This was when Alex was super mad, despite wearing mama's hat and her brand new mittens. She screamed and cried and threw a fit the entire trek from the general store back to the cabin. Scott, my brother in law, even said you could hear her when we approached the cabin. He was still at the damn store.

Anyways, despite capturing a stressful, loud, unhappy parenting moment, I still love this photo. The crooked hat and too-big mittens, the look on Todd's face as he, more than likely, is telling Alexandra either "calm yourself" or asking "What is WRONG?" or maybe even telling me to "put the damn phone away so you can take this 25lb screaming monster off my shoulders."

At least it was a beautiful day! Plus I started drinking champagne about 10 minutes after this picture was taken, so it was win-win.

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