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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Long Live the King

Todd is 6'7" and I am 6'. Our dog is 100lbs. Our kitten is growing so rapidly I think Patton has inspired him. Alex is probably about 36" tall at this point, well beyond the 95th% for height. We're all big and/or tall creatures. We live in a tiny little house with two tiny bedrooms and one solitary bathroom with really horrendous tile (but that is another tale). My small, ugly kitchen has me teetering towards taking anti-depressants, our back room is a TV room, office, wine cellar, kung fu storage closet and on rainy days, a laundry drying rack. And up until this month, we've slept in a queen size bed.

Recall, if you will, how tall we are. How long our legs inevitably have to be to boast such height. Now imagine us pretzeled into a queen.

Yeah, I know.

We used to be major cuddlers, with little regard for numb arms, cramped hips, and too much body heat generated between Todd the generator and myself. And no, I do not mean cuddlers like Rachel and Ross were, where Rachel was the cuddler, and Ross was the hug and roll guy who eventually got Chandler into a mess when he sprainedJanet's hand by rocketing her off the bed. Anyways, that shit backfired on him because Janet totally spilled the... Oh my God, I'm that girl, prattling on abot Friends as if it still aired. I totes miss that show though, y'all.

Back on track: We're cuddlers by nature. We enjoy being close. Maybe it's cause we're dog people and wolves in the pack all sleep touching their packmates for reassurance (what is with my tangents today??) But life makes you tired, especially after raising a toddler together and living in a bad economy that keeps you up all night biting your nails and wondering how bad living life on the lam could be.

Soon it was less cuddling, leg-entwining and sleeping that way all night, and more "why is your arm touching my arm!?" and "I HAVE NO GODDAMN ROOM" and "I hate this bed and I hate this house and I want to move to Idaho." Granted, those were all angry-whispered by yours truly at 2am on any given weeknight. But Todd came to realize too that it just wasn't working out anymore. We're too big. We had to get another bed.

So we did! This past Christmas we were given the best gift of all: a better night's sleep. We ordered a tempurpedic style bed from Costco after a rave review from our friends Charlie and Amber. This is the bed we got (headboard/footboard/expensive furniture not included):

And oh, holy hell, is it divine. It's firm but because it's that tempurpedic stuff, you also get a degree of softness that allows you sink down, oh so right until you are in a shallow little nest of your own making, fitting perfectly to your body. Like an angel sinking into a cloud straight from Heaven, Like a baby chinchilla, cupped in the warm hand of God. Like a hummingbird resting in the cool dewy petals of a um, a lily. Anyways, you get the idea.

But here's the thing. And it's not like I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, far from it. But... I miss Todd. We talked last night, and he feels like we're miles away too. It almost started to affect the way our marriage felt. We were literally distanced from each other, and it started to feel like we were emotionally distant, as well. I'm not sure if we're the only ones that this happens to. I'm not sure if all the king bed owners out there reading this are laughing hysterically at us right now, either.

All I do know is that last night we each of us scooted from our secluded burrows in the soft but firm sinky-ness to sink down a little closer to one another, and all night long we slept, wolf pack style, either snuggled up, touching feet or holding hands. Actually at one point I was on my side with a leg tucked up against my chest and Todd, thinking it was my hand, grasped my foot. I fell back asleep with a smile on my face.

King beds are nice, but there is something to be said about the comfort of your one true love sleeping close by. It warms more than your side of the bed, it also warms your heart.

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