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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Vikings Series (The History Channel)

The Walking Dead ended and we're waiting til October. Game of Thrones is nearly over and we'll have to wait a year for that. And quite frankly, I'm sort of checked out emotionally after this past Sunday's episode.

So what are we watching in the meantine? Why, Vikings of course!

It all centers on a well known Norse hero, Ragnar Lodbrok, and, so far where we are, his attempts to sail west instead of east, as his grumpy narrow minded Earl would have him continue to do. He's got a hot bad ass for a wife, Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) a shield maiden who actually accompanies him and his crew on one of the raids to England. He's got loads of bad ass friends, too, who help him to build a better longship and then help him sail it on those raids. He's got an interesting haircut and a couple of fiesty kids (and a farm but even he's bored with that).

It's extremely addicting and wildly interesting. In my opinion it's also very well cast and the acting is great across the board. It's dramatic and violent, sexy and gritty with a bit of romance when you catch a fleeting glimpse of Odin in the forest.

And, okay, the cast is hot. Gabriel Byrne is the only mild disappointment as the Earl (aka chieftan), because he is not the hot BAMF I recall from the movie Stigmata. Age catches up to us all, I guess. Someone who only seems to become more of a badass with age is Vladimir Kulich, the actor who played Beowulf (or a version of him) in The 13th Warrior. The main character Ragnar is played by a smoking hottie, Travis Fimmel, and his brother Rollo (played by Clive Standen) while we're not sure what his end game is, is also a babe (but is hotter in real life). Don't I sound mature!

Anyways, I guess what I  mean is there's something for everyone here. Hot men, hot women, intrigue, fighting, exploration, godlore, adventure. If you don't like at least ONE of those things, then I got nothin' for ya!

I will say there are some issues I have. Mainly, sometimes Ragnar can't understand Anglo Saxon, and other times, without explanation, he and an Anglo Saxon priest can communicate. He did capture a monk from an earlier raid so all I can think is that this monk taught him Latin? But we never saw that. At least I didn't (obviously I got distracted).

We're only four episodes into this bad boy, and it's the last show we watch at night so even though it's bedtime and our heads are not filled with visions of sugar plums but with killing and raiding, we still want to watch more. In fact since we have some catching up to do, I wager we'll watch episode five (and six?) tonight.

Review: A

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